Speechlab is dedicated to optimize your audio world. Speechlab is the inventor of Line-1 Technology that is designed to reduce background noise and enhance speech in a new way, based on the latest scientific insights. Numerous commercially available noise reduction systems can successfully reduce background noise to some extent, however, it is scientifically proven that these systems generally do not improve speech intelligibility. Apparently, noise reduction does not automatically lead to intelligibility improvement. Speechlab has recognized this and has integrated Line-1 Technology onto a new audio platform, Line-1 Audio Platform. This forms the backbone of a new class of products that really helps people to communicate better in difficult situation such as parties, receptions, meetings or during a diner at a restaurant.

Speechlab’s products are ‘tailor made’. That is, Speechlab recognizes the fact that everyone has a unique hearing profile. A profile that may change throughout a persons’ life, induced by ones’ life style. Speechlab’s products are personal. Really personal. They can be personalized to match any hearing profile by simply ‘tune & match’ the device onto your hearing profile by using an app, tablet or pc. What used to be just listening now becomes a totally new audio experience.

Research programmes

Speechlab is involved in numerous research projects with leading parties in the hearing industry, hearing research and first responder industry.

    Joint research programme with VU medical centre

        Joint research programme with Cochlear

            Joint research programme with national police force

                Joint research programme with Siemens hearing technology