Executive team:

    Dr. Ir. Finn Dubbelboer

    Founder and President

    Finn Dubbelboer is the founder of Speechlab BV and has always been intrigued by communication, particularly communication in acoustically difficult situations, such as at a party or in a restaurant. With over 15 years of experience in hearing science, R&D and music, Finn is dedicated to implement the newest scientific models and inventions into new products that aim to make communication possible in difficult situations.

        Mark Kaal

        Business Developer

        Mark is a successful International (interim) executive and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience managing high growth companies in Canada, USA, Netherlands and Germany, of which 10 years in the medical device industry.

        He has worked and traveled in many countries, the experience has taught him a great deal about business, culture, and languages (he is fluent in 4; English, Dutch, German & French) which allows him to easily adapt to new situations. This is also true when working in young and high growth tech companies. The ability to quickly switch between, for instance, engineering to strategy to sales to finance to regulatory affairs is one of his key competences.

            Dr. Johannes Lyzenga

            Senior research and development scientist

            Johannes is co-founder and a very driven and experienced scientist with exceptional development scales, varying from cochlear modelling to chip design. As a scientist, he studied the key factors in vowel discrimination (by normal-hearing and hearing-impaired persons), which makes him an expert on speech-in-noise topics. Johannes is one of the few scientists who can not only design brilliant theories, but who can also build a working machine out of it.

                Prof. Dr. ir. Tammo Houtgast

                Senior consultant

                Tammo is co-founder and an internationally established scientific authority in the fields of audiology and speech perception. He is co-inventor of the Speech Transmission Index and conducted and supervised numerous studies that have helped the scientific community understand such diverse phenomena as the precise way our inner ear analyses sounds, how speech perception by the hearing impaired may be improved, and the mechanisms through which noise affects speech perception. He is also co-inventor of Line-1 Technology and took huge part in the research on the S/Nmod concept, the signal-to-noise ratio in the modulation domain.